About the company

HANSE Group s.r.o. is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products and innovative solutions for the European Aftermarket and automotive industry. Products with the HANSE logo are used for all kinds of vehicles: cars, light commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery, trucks and special vehicles used for different purposes. HANSE products are used in line production of new vehicles, as well as are supplied to the aftermarket through network of official distributors and dealers.
Today the HANSE product range includes over 3,000 items of products. These are the most demanded parts, many of them exclusively developed by HANSE Group, which are technically perfect products meeting the demands of car makers to the fullest extent. Continuous work of the company’s engineers allows it to manufacture products which are distinguished by long service life and increased durability when working in severe conditions. That is exactly why special warranty programs cover all the HANSE products.